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Rental Program

Hospeco's Rental Program

Hospeco Philippines Inc. offers a variety of services as well as state-of-the-art washroom accessories and equipment tailored to the client's specific needs, including:

  • Installation and maintenance of accessories including soap dispensers, air fresheners, tissue dispensers, and other washroom products on a regular basis
  • Supply of hand soap, sanitizer, and toilet rolls for use with our dispensers

With Hospeco's rental program, clients are able to cut costs on buying, installing, storing, maintaining, and replacing their washroom accessories. Hospeco takes care of the installation, storage, maintenance, replacement, and refill supply of all dispensers based on the client's frequency requirements.

Renting from Hospeco ensures that all your washroom and hygiene needs are provided and met with the highest of standards.

Enjoy the benefits of having a fully-serviced washroom

Financial Benefits

  • No capital investment required
  • Treat washroom services as a monthly operating cost rather than a balance sheet item
  • Repair, maintenance, and upgrade costs are included in the program
  • Cut supply costs with locked dispensers which prevent pilfering of consumables such as toilet paper and soap
  • Cut maintenance costs with our systems designed to prevent upcoming problems

Business Benefits

  • Clean, comfortable and well-supplied washrooms improve the working environment of any business
  • Customers and visitors are impressed by clean, well-serviced washrooms
  • Contractually agreed levels of service guarantee that your washroom needs are met
  • Your washroom can be customized to fit specific business needs
  • Increased hygiene standards in your washrooms

Let Hospeco take care of your dispensers and monthly refill under our rental program

Air Care

Keep your hotel rooms, lobbies, workspaces, restrooms, and other areas smelling fresh and clean with Hospeco's range of air freshening solutions.

Our range of air freshening solutions are designed to fit your business needs, whether you are  looking to freshen up just the washrooms, the office spaces, or even the whole building.


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Hand Washing

Promote proper hand washing in your establishments. Washing with water is not enough. Proper hand washing prevents the spread of germs and illnesses that can lead to your patrons getting ill.

Hospeco's wide range of soap dispensers allows you to choose which model best suits the traffic and look of your washroom.

*Available under stock replenishment service

Paper Dispensers

Our paper dispensers can cope with all levels of washroom traffic and come with a viewing window to check if the paper needs replenishment. They also come with a lock to prevent pilferage.

Our high-capacity paper dispensers eliminate the need for frequent refills in high traffic areas.

*Available under stock replenishment service

Toilet and Urinal Care

Our toilet and urinal care solutions help keep your washrooms fresh and clean.

With vinyls and chemicals specially formulated and designed for toilets and urinals, you can be assured that Hospeco intends to keep your washroom welcoming for all patrons.

Urinal Vinyl with Enzymes

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Toilet Bowl Clip

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Fly Control

Keep insects out of sight with Hospeco's fly traps and Flying Insect Killer.

Food establishments will greatly benefit from our Fly Control range as it keeps flying insects away from the dining and service area. Hospeco's fly traps are designed to be discreet, stylish, and highly effective.

C115 Glue Board Insect Trap

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Flying Insect Killer

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Other Products


Hospeco aims to make the whole washroom experience pleasant and hassle-free. Under special conditions, we also offer servicing for our floor mats, feminine hygiene bins, and hand dryers.

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