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Cleaning Products And Their Impact On Indoor Air Quality

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In today’s diverse market, there are two major challenges for cleaning product manufacturers: 

  • Providing a wide range of cleaning products that eliminate indoor pollutants like viruses, bacteria, dust, allergens and more
  • While concentrating on providing a wide range of products, they stay focused on excluding volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulates.

In the given scenario, one of the primary goals of manufacturers is to understand how cleaning products impact indoor air quality (IAQ) and the health of the users. 

However, the interconnection of cleaning and indoor quality is not affected only by one side of the given problem. Just like manufacturers have to study and analyse the connection of cleaning products and their possible harm to indoor air quality, there are various activities that all of us can do to minimise the harm and ensure the healthy use of the products. 

Let’s shortly review the connection, importance and the impact of cleaning products on indoor air quality and understand ways we can take actions to improve it. 

Understanding Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

To put it short, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) refers to a measure of how clean the air is inside the buildings where we live and work. 

It can be affected by the following aspects:

  • a building’s ventilation system 
  • chemicals that are mostly created by activities inside the building
  • whether windows can be opened or not
  • chemicals or microbes, such as mould that can enter the building
  • some chemicals that are present in various cleaning products art supplies that are used in the building
  • furniture and other building materials that can produce pollutants like formaldehyde.

There can be various sources of indoor pollutants and some of them include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Cleaning, disinfecting, ad sanitising products that include harmful chemicals
  • Cigarettes
  • Moisture, mould, and chemicals from water damage
  • Lead, radon, and asbestos
  • And more.

The danger of indoor air pollutants:

Indoor air pollutants can have both short term and long term, more serious health effects on us. They can cause immediate health problems such as dry eyes, nasal congestion, fatigue, asthma attacks and more. 

The long term health complications caused by indoor pollutants include asthma and even cancer. Some of the indoor air pollutants can even cause health complications with heart diseases in cases when people are exposed to the pollutants for a long period of time (months, or years.)

Cleaning products and indoor air quality:

A significant number of scientific studies have shown that chemicals such as VOC, which can be included in some of sanitising and cleaning products may cause various health problems mentioned earlier. This raises the importance of not only choosing the right cleaning products that will not harm your health and well being but also be attentive towards other actions that can prevent polluting air quality. 

Let’s shortly review on what actions can all of us take to reduce and minimise the harm of pollutants to the air quality: 

  • Make sure to always use only the amount of cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfecting product that is required for a proper cleaning process. Disinfect only when it is really required. Do not overclean and overuse the products.  
  • Never mix cleaning products. When mixing different cleaning products various toxic gases can be combined.
  • Read the label! Make sure to be attentive to the proper ways the product should be used. Be attentive if the products should be used indoors or outdoors.  
  • Make sure to rinse surfaces well with water after cleaning. Dried cleaning products that stay on surfaces can react with the ozone present in the air. 
  • Be attentive towards throwing away partially full containers of old or unneeded chemicals safely. Gases can be leaked even from closed containers. That is why it is important to get rid of all the unused, old products.

Concluding Thoughts: 

Making sure to choose the right cleaning product and being attentive towards the right cleaning process can drastically improve indoor air quality and prevent possible health issues. 

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