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Top 5 Best Scents For Bathrooms

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Why Fragrances Matter?

Everyone loves walking into a clean bathroom and inhaling the freshness. Your choice of fragrance makes a massive difference to the bathroom where the smell is an overly sensitive subject. You should pay attention to the scent that you have chosen. Bathroom scents should be pleasant, not overpowering, fit the overall décor of the room, and carefully thought through. So just make sure that you are in control of your bathroom’s fragrance.  

 It’s a good marketing strategy. Have you ever wondered why shopping malls smell the way they smell, or why do spas welcome you with a soothing and relaxing smell? I have an answer to that question. Fragrances are not only used for providing good smell, but they are also a great marketing strategy, which is proven to be more effective than visual marketing. Fragrances seem to affect people’s moods; that’s why every industry has its signature smell. Bathrooms are no expectation. When the customers visit your store, restaurant, hotel or spa, they not only pay attention to the design, but they also pay attention to the smell and cleanliness of every accessible room.  

But how to know which scent is right for you and your business? We have set together the list of bathroom scents to suit every décor, occasion, and taste.

1. Vanilla

The vanilla fragrance is best known as one of the most strong scents. That’s one of the reasons why it’s a good idea to place it in the bathroom as it can fully cover the bad smell. Vanilla has a warm, exotic, comforting, and a creamy smell. People sometimes compare it with a baking smell. Studies showed that the scent of vanilla has a calming effect so that it can be used in spa bathrooms, shopping mall bathrooms etcetera. 

2. Ocean Fresh

If you are in a sporty spirit, ocean-fresh smells give the right kick you need to get moving. Ocean freshness gives your bathroom cool, blue stamina and a feeling of uber-cleanliness. Many deodorants, shower gels and soaps come in ocean-fresh and versions of cool-blue. This aroma choice suits any modern bathroom very well. If you have accessories or blue colouring, this will only add to the continuity of your theme. These fragrances are great for gym bathrooms. 

3. Rose Petal

It is a soft sepia perfume to help you relax in a bathroom. Good books and long baths are the order of the day for this handiest of scents. The soothing and gentle tones of rose petal scents can be achieved with perfumes, oils and scented candles. You can also visually boost the theme with dried flowers or bowls of petals. A rose perfume suits the Victorian-style bathroom well. It fetches up images of comfy and plush boudoirs, with plenty of floral patterning and soft furnishings. Rose petal scent is best used in spa bathrooms. 

4. Lavender

One of the most relaxing scents, the scent of the lavender is the perfect scent to help your de-stress at the end of a busy day. This imposing herb has been used for centuries for all sorts of medicinal purposes including to combat insomnia and depression and to ease anxiety. It’s a great smell to have around your bathroom. Lavender comes in a wealth of easy-to-use forms, and it’s also beautiful to have fresh-cut in your home, from bags to candles, air-fresheners to soaps, it suits a rustic style lavatory with pastel colours and soft furnishings.

5. Tropical

Get some Hula vibes into your morning routine as you welcome a new day with tropical flavours. Tones of island flowers, pineapples swirl and coconuts, swirl around you as you shake your hips across the lavatory floor. Tropical is for the happy fruitful you, celebratory you, that wants to hula-hoop through the day. Get a tropical scent into your restroom. Add pineapple or coconut flavoured toiletries or air-fresheners to complete the feel. Suits a bathroom that references flowers in the décor and bright plants. For example, with green leaves or palm patterns on shower-curtains or wallpaper. Best to use in hotel bathrooms.

Tips from Hyex:

  • Use an odour neutralising toilet drop-ins. Toilet smell is the most significant issue to overcome in the bathroom. This way, you can avoid the fragrance and also the bacterias coming out of the toilet.
  • Set up a proper ventilation system. Some bathrooms don’t seem to have windows, and that’s when the ventilators come to help. 
  • Place hand-sanitizers. Hand sanitisers help to stop the spread of bacteria. Hyex is proud to offer the best hand sanitisers and sanitiser dispensers ever made. 
  • Use scented trash bags to avoid the odour that may come from the trash.

Coming from our own experience, we know how hard it is to choose the right fragrance for your business. The one that will attract customers and will match the overall decor of the bathroom. That’s when HYEX will come to help and provide you with several solutions not only concerning fragrances but also other essential hygiene products, such as hand dryers, soap, skincare products, floor mats etcetera. Many years of experience led us to have the best hygiene products in Australia and hygiene services in Sydney.  

Do you have a problem with fragrances? Can’t you find the perfect one? Hyex will provide you with the solution. Visit our shop to learn more.