Keeping your employees’ and/or customers’ hands clean helps prevent the spread of known germs and viruses. Thus, having the right hand sanitation equipment in your restroom – or anywhere, really – is extra important.

With HOSPECO’s SAFE Program (Sanitization and Anti-contaminants Free Equipment Program), you may avail of our liquid dispensers for FREE. What you have to pay for is the minimal cost of refills or consumables.

More and more institutional accounts such as malls, hotels, condos, restaurants, hospitals, offices, government agencies and the likes, have already signed up for the SAFE Program.

Shopping Mall Restrooms

Hotel Lobby Lounges / Bathrooms

Office Restrooms

When you avail of the SAFE Program, you don’t have to worry about refilling your liquid dispensers once again. We’ll do that for you.

Are you now ready to sign up for our SAFE Program to get your liquid dispensers for FREE?