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Hand hygiene is regarded as a natural way to prevent the spread of known germs and viruses, especially COVID-19. Frequent hand washing with soap is highly recommended.

– Size: 120 x 125 x 280 mm
– Dispenser Weight: 0.8 kg
– Volume: 1000 ml
– Sensing Distance: 0-8 cm
– Batteries: 4pcs C batteries
– Nozzle/s Available:
1. Liquid: Suitable for Liquid Soap, Gel Sanitizer, Alcohol
2. Foam: Suitable for Foaming Soap

– Automatic / Touchless Experience: This hands-free soap dispenser comes with smart motion infrared sensor that provides you with a touchless experience (safer from germs, bacteria, and viruses).

– Heavy Duty, Durable Material: Made of eco-friendly, high-grade material for long lasting performance even for commercial and industrial use in high traffic areas.

– Sleek and modern-looking

– No messy spills

– Easy to Refill: Allows you to see the amount of the liquid content so you can refill when necessary.

– Space Saving: Solves the clutter of bathroom bottles in the shelf, kitchen sink or wash basin.

– Safety Lock (Optional Feature): Locking design, equipped with a key, to avoid theft and pilferage in public places.

– Easy Installation: Can be wall-mounted or installed on a standee. All screws and/or adhesive needed are included. Also comes with an instruction manual.

– Recommended Use: This commercial grade dispenser is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use (in the washrooms, laundry areas, kitchens, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other public areas).hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other public areas).

1. To open the dispenser, use the provided key to press down at the top of the front cover where the key slots are located. Hold the dispenser cover from the top and gently pull the cover down and toward you. The cover is hinged at the bottom of the dispenser.
2. Dispenser must be mounted at least 200 mm above a surface.

1. Make sure the mounting surface is flat, clean and dry. Adhesive mounting is only recommended for mirrors or similar surface.
2. Remove protective backing from adhesive tape and press dispenser firmly against the mounting surface for about 15 seconds. Open front cover and press directly for additional 15 seconds. Allow 4 hours to set before using the dispenser.

1. Hold the dispenser against the wall in the desired location, open cover and mark screw hole locations on the wall.
2. Install provided anchors into drywall and secure the dispenser with the provided screws.

1. Open the dispenser, locate the battery compartment on the right side of the dispenser and slide the compartment cover forward, away from the wall. Place four (4) C-cell alkaline batteries in the proper orientation and replace the compartment cover.

1. Place the cartridge on top of the control box with the pump facing front and downward.
2. The pump should easily fit into the groove on the control box. Make sure that the pump “lever” is toward the bottom of the pump, just above the tip of the pump nozzle.
3. Close the dispenser cover, then the power switched on. Now the circuit is checking up for 3 seconds, then the dispenser is ready to be used.
4. Place hands underneath the dispenser within 8cm of the sensor. The LED will blink GREEN and dispense 0.8 ml of product into your hands.

1. Put pole 1 on the base, connect them with black plate and screw.
2. Connect the pole 1, 2, 3 in order together, put rubber gasket between each pole and fix them by screws.
3. Make the screw hole downside the billboard, aim at the screw hole on the top of stainless steel backplane, use the tableting and screw fix it.

• Blinking Green – Dispensing
• Blinking Green and Red – Out of Battery

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 45 × 50 × 20 cm