37517 Stainless Steel Manual Dispenser for Liquid Soap 1200 ml (Vertical)


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Hand hygiene is regarded as a natural way to prevent the spread of known germs and viruses, especially COVID-19. Frequent hand washing with soap is highly recommended.



  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 210 x 91 x 125 mm
  • Dispenser Weight: 0.8 kg
  • Volume: 1200 ml
  • Nozzle/s Available:
  1. Liquid: Suitable for Liquid Soap



  • Neat and compact push dispensing system
    Heavy Duty, Durable Material: Made of high quality stainless steel material for long lasting performance even for commercial and industrial use in high traffic areas.
  • Sleek and modern-looking
  • No messy spills
  • Easy to Refill: Allows you to see the amount of the liquid content so you can refill when necessary.
  • Space Saving: Solves the clutter of bathroom bottles in the shelf, kitchen sink or wash basin.
  • Safety Lock (Optional Feature): Locking design, equipped with a key, to avoid theft and pilferage in public places
  • Easy Installation: Wall-mounted. All screws and/or adhesive needed are included. Also comes with an instruction manual.
  • Recommended Use: This commercial grade dispenser is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use (in the washrooms, laundry areas, kitchens, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other public areas).



  • This dispenser is only designed for PH neutral liquid hand soap.
  • Avoid filling very thick liquids, more acidic soaps, abrasive cleaner or any combination cleaner/polish.
  • When filling with liquid soap, be sure to wipe off liquid spilled on the container. Never overfill.



  • To maintain the pleasing appearance of your stainless steel product, you must perform periodic cleaning.
  • Clean inside the dispenser with warm water, NEVER use solvents or aggressive household cleaners like bleach, acids or ammonia-based bathroom cleaner.
  • Clean the outside of the dispenser with soft cloth, use water or warm soapy water or approved stainless steel cleaners. Wipe dry with clean cloth.
  • Should brown deposits appear around the lid or pump, remove with a brush and soapy water. Hard deposits can be scratched off with your fingernail or a blunt knife. This deposit is not rust and to avoid it, try changing to a milder liquid soap with a neutral PH.
  • If the dispenser is not used for a long period of time and becomes clogged, pour only hot water into the dispenser and gently pump it to clear the blockage. NEVER try inserting a sharp object e.g pin into the soap nozzle, which could irreparably damage the pump.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 25 × 15 cm


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